Welcome, Brambleton!

Saturday, November 17, 2007
Business Philosophy
Kae Davis, anchor of the Brambleton Community Market Guide, is a local resident whose areas of expertise are in alignment with her BUSINESS PHILOSOPHIES:

  1. Defining the right results for each individual group of sellers and buyers and following through tenaciously to make those results happen.
  2. Finding the right “fit” for her clients–whether it be by selling a beloved family property while simultaneously facilitating the acquisition of their next long term home, placing folks in a comfortable transitional short term or rental property, garnering the most beneficial real estate parcels that contribute to building or maintaining a strong investment portfolio, or while simply assisting individuals in feeling a part of the new neighborhood venue they chose.
  3. Aggressively Defending the POSITIVES of investing in the Brambleton and Ashburn area communities of Loudoun County. 
  4. Sharing a glimpse of the Northern Virginia lifestyle as an ambassador to the GLOBAL MARKETPLACE. 
  5. Focusing on the strengths of communities by directing people to the things that make life easy.

Kae Davis is helping new residents learn where to go, recommending helpful local people to know, and sharing the local secrets she knows: the gossip of where to find all the life resources you need in a new area or city with such vast resources as Loudoun County.

Kae Davis can help you find the best local Brambleton and Ashburn* learning centers, school options and nannies for your children and grandchildren
* the best area gourmet to cost-effective or specialty products shopping
* the finest local restaurants from five star to casual hole-in-the-wall eateries,
* referrals to volunteer opportunities or nearby local religious organizations
* regional medical facilities and health care providers
* all your “new in the area” transportation planning needs
* historical day trips or night time preforming arts venues
* museums and art galleries
* visitor information (hotels, airport and airling travel, train & metro stations)
* regional tourism seasonal events in the Metro DC Area
* weekend travel opportunities within a 500 mile commute of Northern Virginia
* the “local news” (details about the best boutiques, barbers, salons, and saloons)
* where to go and what to do (planning day tours of subdivisions and roads right for you)
Kae Davis can also help you…

  • Learn your way around Loudoun County
  • Market your Brambleton Home
  • Become a New Resident in the Brambleton of Ashburn Area Community
  • Invite the WORLD to preview the Joy of living in BRAMBLETON
  • Welcome Guests to the BRAMBLETON TOWN CENTER
  • Make yourself more at HOME in Ashburn and the DC Metro Region
  • Build the Brambleton Community to what Brambletonians want it to be via COMMUNITY

Living life in Northern Virginia… Brambleton and the surrounding Ashburn Area of Loudoun County in the Dulles Technology Corridor of the DC Metro Region in Northern Virginia Welcomes You Home!



  1. Welcoming inquiries!

  2. Brambleton area residents celebrated a festive Thanksgiving; pumpkins, pilgrims, turkeys, gourdes, and cornstalks adorned porches throughout our community. With Christmas fast approaching, we are looking forward to the evening tours of the Brambleton lights! Brambletonian adults and children delight in the wonders of the holiday seasons. Drive carefully, everybody–and remember to thank your neighbors for their extra efforts making our community so warm and inviting this time of year.

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