Pet Friendly Rentals in Ashburn?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Finding the right rental space for your family often involves more than you and your children. It involves other family members as well: namely, your pets. 

What do when you have a dog that requires some running room? A large dog? Two small dogs? A kitty cat? If you are a renter, the possibility of moving inspires dread–because you know how hard it is to find a landlord that will allow animals to be in their investment home. As a Realtor, I have some advice and suggestions about where to turn and what to do if you have pets who are like family members and you need to rent your residence they will think of as home.

1. Hire a licensed real estate professional to assist you in their search. Their services are offered at no cost to you, because they will be compensated by the landlord if there is a successful transaction. SIGN AN AGREEMENT to let a good Realtor help you in your search. They will have more power negotiating with other owners or agents when it comes time to formalize the terms of your lease contract–including negotiating pet clauses.

2. Have current friends, landlords, Realtors who have seen your pets and your present house, and veterinarians write letters of recommendation for your pets regarding their temperaments. With cats, people are typically concerned with litter-box odor and scratch damage. With dogs, noise, yard damage, chewing, and aggression around strangers and children are often the concerns. All home owners are concerned with flea and tick control and carpet cleaning and deodorizing services cost. With those thoughts in mind, have letters written about your pets that demonstrate and awareness of potential negative issues but absolve your pet from having created any of the problems listed.

3. Finally, BE FLEXIBLE. If your ideal and perfect human rental home is going to require you send Sparkey or Tinkerbell to the humane society or local animal shelter, then find way to either shift your requirements or change your parameters. Be willing to offer an additional security deposit. Agree to have carpets cleaned bi-annually for short hair breeds and quarter-annually (rather than yearly) for shedding problems. Agree to professional pest sprays of the home, and to repair any lawn or garden damage at your own cost.  Visit a local dog park rather than needing a fenced yard on the rental home–or offer to pay the cost to install a fence where to the specifications the local homeowners association will allow.

Where there is a will, the family pet can stay. If you read my example letter sent to a client earlier this evening, you’ll notice that many options for pet lovers exist in Ashburn, and BRAMBLETON itself  has many units available that consider accepting large dogs as well as small.  If you have a pet and are considering renting out your home, listing your house as pet friendly will help to draw people in; if you are seeking a pet friendly rental, work with an agent who is a pet lover and has actually rented. If you are considering selling your home and have pets in house, list your home with a Realtor who is willing to help service the listing and make accommodations for pet containment while your come is being shown.

Thanks for visiting,

Kae Davis, Pet Friendly Licenced VA Realtor

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Ashburn Dulles

www.cbmove.com/Kae.Davis for more information

Pet Friendly Rentals are Available in Ashburn

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Potential Ashburn Resident,

Thank you for stopping in to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage of Ashburn the other day. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I am looking forward to communicating with you in the coming year about leasing a pet-friendly home.

I have done some broad research on the 20147 zip code. To confirm my research parameters this week, I have searched for a 4 bedroom house, garden home, or townhouse that will accept small pets on a case by case basis with additional security deposit. [Garage space is flexible; 2 car garage was preferred.]

I have been able to successfully locate nearly a dozen homes that have flexibility regarding pet acceptance. However, to date I have only been able to find one single family home that is listed as having a fenced yard.

If you have a moment to confirm your family details by email to me, including specific move in dates and cost ranges, I’ll be happy to get more detailed information back to you. Also, if a three bedroom unit would be a possibility, it may improve our chances of finding a rental space with a fence for your beagle.

With rental property vacancy dates changing day by day, I will be happy to send you updated information as the weeks progress. As we discussed, the low end for a four bedroom begins between $2300-$2600. As home features and square footage increase, so do the rent costs. Most of what I have been able to pull up has landed in the $2500-$3500 price ranges.

Please feel free to contact me at any time for more specifics, including photos of available homes. In addition, please feel free to research www.leesburgcaninecountryclub.com and their web site. They will have excellent local references links to trustworthy pet sitters and veterinary care–and may be a fenced run option for your pet should you find a home that suits your human needs but does not have a safe run off-leash space for the dog.


Kae Davis, Licensed VA Sales Associate and Rental Advisor


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