Real Simple Tips for Holiday Tipping and Gifts at the Office

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hello folks! With the holidays fast approaching, everyone in Ashburn and Brambleton is busy getting ready and finishing up their last minute shopping for their families. However, what is the right gift to give to the everyday people in our lives who are our service providers and employees?

I did a little Brambletonian-style high tech sleuthing and have come up with a definitive article from the 2006 holiday guide at www.realsimple.com and am posting it here as the “authority” on office and domestic staff. Read on, and remember to give a big smile and a warm word of thanks and cheer to those around us who help make the world go ’round.

Our postmen, trash service providers, favorite Brambleton Town Center workers, and the HOA and Visitor Center girls could use a little gift certificate, friendly card, and holiday handshake, too!

Kae Davis, “Cheer Elf Merriment Official” from Brambleton


Holiday Tipping: Who? How Much?

’Tis the season when everyone gets a gift. But how do you thank mail deliverers and dog walkers? The ultimate thank-you guide for a year of good service

Who? How Much?
Monica Buck

Tip or Gift? Gift.
What to Give: A gift or a gift card of $50 or more (separate from any end-of-year bonus). The value should reflect your position in the company as well as how long the assistant has been with you.
What to Consider:Avoid perfume and clothing, says Hilka Klinkenberg, founder of Etiquette International, a business-etiquette firm in New York City. “If it touches skin, it’s too personal for the office.”

Babysitter, Nanny

Tip or Gift? Gift and tip.
What to Give: For a regular babysitter, cash or a gift equal to one or two nights’ pay. For a nanny, one to two weeks’ pay plus a gift, ranging from something your child made to a generous present.
What to Consider:Give a gift she wouldn’t buy for herself, like a designer handbag, says Patricia Cascio, president of the International Nanny Association. Avoid kid-related presents; your nanny needs a break, too.


Tip or Gift? Gift.
What to Give:It’s not necessary to give your boss a gift, says Klinkenberg. But if you do, make it small and simple (less than $50), like a Fred Flintstone cookie jar you found on eBay if she is a fan.
What to Consider:Give a group gift instead. “I prefer that everyone chips in a small amount,” says Klinkenberg. “Then it’s a token of appreciation, not a bribe.” Take her to a group lunch at her favorite restaurant.

Day-Care Staff

Tip or Gift? Gift and tip.
What to Give: A tip or a gift in the amount of $25 to $70. If only one person takes care of your child, give in the upper end of the range. Multiple employees? Give $25 to $70 each.
What to Consider:Cash and gift certificates are most popular. But take the time to add a card, says Laurie Kaufman, program director for All Aboard Childcare, in Ossining, New York.

http://www.realsimple.com/realsimple/content/0,21770,1561805,00.html?nid=-1695791 on 12/18/2007

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