Bertucci’s Comes to Ashburn, Virginia adding great Italian flavor to Loudoun County

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bertucci’s Opening in Ashburn

LoudounExtra.com staff at 12:28 p.m., December 13, 2007 (14 comments)

Living in LoCo correspondent Val Cavalheri has the scoop on another addition to the Ashburn dining scene.

Ashburn residents are about to get another dining option.

Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant will open Monday at 44042 Pipeline Plaza in Ashburn, unveiling what the company is referring to as a “unique prototype.” The Ashburn location will feature a new company logo, contemporary colors, increased seating capacity, private dining room with fireplaces, an enhanced bar area, and … cloth napkins. And it will be the first in Loudoun County (the closest before now was in Herndon).

Hoping to engage guests by immersing them into the Italian cuisine culture, restaurant-goers will also be introduced to open kitchen pizza bars where they can see their meals being prepared and cooked in the brick oven and on the grills.

“The new concept offers new features and a more comfortable atmosphere that speaks to our commitment to providing our customer an authentic Italian experience,” the company’s CEO, Stephen Clark, said in an announcement about the Ashburn restaurant.

The updated concept will be integrated into all new Bertucci’s restaurants as the company grows. Bertucci’s first opened in 1981 in Massachusetts and now operates in 92 locations in 10 states and the District.

The Ashburn restaurant is one of four to open with the new concept this year. The four new restaurants are the first restaurants the company has opened in two years.

“Bertucci’s is loved in other Virginia cities, including Alexandria, Herndon, and Springfield, and we wanted to expand the Italian experience and new Bertucci’s concept to other parts of the state,” the company’s senior vice president of marketing, Maria Feicht, said in announcing the Ashburn restaurant.

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