Launch of EesyCheesy.com gives Local Residents and Nation Access to Free Online Advertising

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It’s new, it’s and it seems to be the Internet equivalent of what a crossover means in the car industry. EesyCheesy.COM (yes, folks–that is two “e’s” in the easy part of the site name) seems to be a platform for Internet advertising, free classified, and social networking platforms commonly used at myspace and Facebook. Join the site, upload your photos, update your profile, and pick your page design… it’s that easy. Then, you can import or upload your contacts files from Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, and whatnot and invite friends along. I’ll be curious to see the progress of the site. They had 1800 registered users about an hour ago, with over 600 added today. Since webs tend to function exponentially, this new site may grow quickly and become quite function (I expect), so I am passing it along. With the popularity of Craigslist.com occasionally compromised by the anonymity of spam posters and phishing responders, Eesy Cheesy’s open profile information attached to the ads may help the sites credibility quickly surpass brother Craig this next two years (or at the very least come right up along). SEO effectiveness for the site is not yet verified, however, nor do I have information about the webmasters. Therefore, consider this public service announcement about this new Internet research and advertisement tool cautiously optimistic. I’ll let you know more thoughts once I am able to ask a few more people and give it a proper go myself.


Kae Davis 



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