Online Program makes Furniture Arranging and Moving EASY

Thursday, February 7, 2008


This site gets the COOL TECHNOLOGY award from EverythingAshburn.COM. Know if furniture pieces will fit in certain rooms or areas before you buy or move. Play with the program for a few hours and you will be working it like a pro. Create a profile and save your custon designed rooms. Get your details just right and know where to have movers place furnishings the day you move! Renters know if their potential rental home will accomodate those antique or hard to place furniture items as they move from home to home. We really like this tool. Thanks, Jordan Furniture! It’s a great tool for families working with Stagers, too. [“Staging” is the art of placing furniture and decorations in a home in such a way to create an environment conducive to selling the listing property quickly by making it more appealing to a buyer or marketplace visitors.]

Link posted courtesy of Kae Davis, Licensed VA Real Estate Agent and Donna Stewart, Licensed FL Realtor (Sarasota, Florida).

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