Tips on Furniture for Condo Decorating and Loudoun County Townhome Living

Friday, March 7, 2008

Looking into life in a condo or smaller townhome in the Brambleton or Ashburn area community–but not sure how to downsize to make it all work? FINDING WAYS TO CREATE EXTRA STORAGE SPACE AND INCREASED COMFORT SEEMS TO BE THE KEY. Here’s a great older article about buying furniture, and it lists items that are especially handy to use while decorating an apartment or rental unit. Buying and utilizing the right furniture pieces (and even knowing what the names of them are so you know what to research or ask for) helps to smooth the process. Read on to find out how to keep things feeling neat, tidy, and spacious even when you are in a reduced size, a cozy room, or  your next rental transition home.

Shopping for Furniture

Posted By apartmentscomliving On September 20, 2006 @ 1:53 pm

Shopping for furniture seems like a pretty fun undertaking, until you realize you have no idea what to buy. Thumbing through a catalog, you see ottomans, loveseats, vanities… what happened to the old couch and table? If finding sturdy, well-priced, useful furniture is your goal, then arm yourself with Apartments.com’s guide to furniture shopping. We’ll clue you in on modern furniture lingo and pass along some tips for creating a great living space. Now all you need is a way to get it home! (We’ll give you some tips on that, too).

Bookcases-Yes, these obviously store books in a neat and convenient fashion but they also make great shelving solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Pick up a small one to hold the toiletries in your bathroom, a large one to serve as a hutch (more on that later) in your kitchen or a mid-sized one in your bedroom to hold the extra clothes that don’t fit in your drawers.

Chest-These are great for extra storage, but are often quite heavy and can’t really serve another purpose unless they are designed to be sat on when the lid is closed. Look for designs that can also serve as stools, pedastals or benches.

China Cabinet-This is a thin cabinet designed for displaying china. You’ve probably seen one before in a larger house but if you have a spacious kitchen or dining room in your apartment, these will work great! If you don’t have china, but like the cabinet, go ahead and store collectibles or even your everyday serveware in it. China cabinets usually have clear doors, so make sure that you’re okay with the world seeing whatever you may store in it.

Dinette-This term refers to a set of table and chairs used for dining purposes. You can usually save money by buying the entire set as opposed to buying one piece at a time. A dinette is usually smaller than a standard dining room set.

End table-An end table is similar to a coffee table. Many end tables have additional drawers or storage space underneath. These are great for apartments that are short on cabinets or closets.

Hall tree-This is a tall stand with hooks on it for hanging coats, hats, umbrellas, etc. You might consider buying one if you have extra space near your front door. You can also create storage for coats and the like by hanging hooks on the wall close to the front or back door.

Hutch-A piece of kitchen furniture designed for extra storage and as a display for dishes or knick-knacks.

Loveseat-A loveseat is not just for lovers—this shorter-than-usual couch is great for smaller spaces where a full sized sofa won’t fit.

Ottoman-An ottoman is a footstool that is usually placed in front of a chair. Some of the best ottomans have tops that flip up to reveal extra storage space inside!

Recliner-This is a chair that can recline back for sleeping or napping. These are usually more expensive that traditional chair but are super comfy.

Settee-If you have a small space where you’d like to put a sofa but can’t fit something that large, a settee may be a good solution. This is a smaller piece of furniture that can seat two people.

Vanity-This is a table with mirrors connected to the top and a chair or stool in front. They are usually found in bedrooms or larger bathrooms and are most often used for make up application and hair styling.

Wardrobe-This is basically a free-standing closet. It holds clothes on hangers and is great for those who have limited closet space and want some extra room.

Order or Buy?
When you purchase furniture online, make sure to determine if the item will come to you already assembled or if you’ll need to do that yourself. If you’re not as handy as you wish, some online retailers will assemble the item for you at a fee.
When you visit a brick and mortar store, you can save some cash if you purchase floor models. Always check to make sure the piece does not have significant damage and all parts of the piece are working properly. Resale shops can also carry furniture that is unique and easy on the wallet.
Before you purchase, test out furniture for durability and comfort. If you don’t have a vehicle large enough to bring home the furniture, virtually all furniture stores have delivery services for an additional charge. If you get a good deal on your purchase, this may not be a bad choice.

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