Carpeting: Room Area by Carpet Price Per Yard Convenient Calculator for the Math Challenged

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remember back in school when you were sitting in your least favorite numbers class listening to your teacher drone on about how to calculate room area and square feet and conversions to metric yards… or how long it will take two workers working at different paces to get one job done? You probably let out a muffled groan, turned to your classmate and said , “… yeah right… when will we ever use this in REAL life?” For the many people I encounter who are math impaired (meaning they can do some basic match but when it comes to word problems, Algebra, or Geometry they are stumped), here is a helpful site that works out those formula calculations for you.

Plug and chug–that is all there is to this one. Measure your room length and width, pick out your carpet, get your facts straight on what the carpet service will charge for installation, tear out, and clean up. Interested in re-carpeting a home or replacing the carpet in a room, but having trouble finding an estimator for new carpet costs? Visit this “Carpet Calculator” Link:

Carpet Cost Estimator

Keep in mind that you will want to round room sized up to the higher foot measurement. For example, my 15’5″ formal living room area alcove carpet length would become 16″ (sixteen feet) and the 11’7″ width measurement becomes 12″ (twelve feet). If I wanted to measure the stairs coming out of the area (sunken living room), it would be prudent to have a professional come to take measurements. The same would go for any odd shaped room, as each installer is different with regard to skill or conservation of carpet materials; if you are carpeting an unusual space, prepare to use more carpet and have more scraps.

Special thanks to SHELTONS CARPET CLEANING for suggesting the formula link. Contact Kae Davis at kaedavis@gmail.com for a personal referral. This word-of-mouth business has given outstanding professional service to our family the past 30 years. Whether you are moving, doing seasonal cleaning, or have an emergency, they come right out as schedules and take care of all your carpet stains or trouble spots.

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