Tri-Ed Tutoring offers Summer School Private Tutoring Programs in Loudoun County

Monday, March 31, 2008

Summer is coming–have you considered hiring a tutor as an alternative to summer camp options, daycare, or your student spending long hours parked in front of the television?

Monday, March 31, 2008


One-on-One Summer School Tutoring

In a class of 25 students, it can be easy to get lost. One-on-one tutoring gives your student the individualized instruction he or she needs to succeed. Tri-Ed Tutoring, LLC offers one-on-one tutoring services for grades K-12 in a variety of subjects including basic study skills, homework help, math, science, english, and social studies.

Our tutoring services help young students with their current classroom curriculum by helping them understand the lessons and prepare for tests and quizzes, including helping kids understand the goals and contents of the SOL Grade 3 and SOL Grade 5 exams. By decoding the test questions, even the youngest of children can learn effective test taking strategies to help them through middle school, high school, and college!

Middle School students get the benefit of having additional help with their research and writing skills, extra math practice that will help them prepare for Pre-Algebra and Geometry, and practice with science concepts, too. Reading skills are stressed, and the SOL Grade 8 exams question structure is examined, too.

High School students love to work with Tri-Ed tutors over the summer because it gives them time to review basic skills in reading, writing, and math without the deadline of homework and projects due. They can participate in enrichment studies with our tutors, such as by delving into a history or literature project, or can focus all their study time working diligently and uninteruppted on the concepts so vital to improving scores on the S.A.T. Many of our students choose to use summer tutoring time to write reflective journals that will help them prepare their college application essays.

Bottom line, summer tutoring can be as fun, productive, or time consuming as parents and students would like it to be.

Learning how to “STUDY SMART” never comes too late or too early.

We also work to improve students’ overall study skills, so that “ideally” by the time they have completed elementary school, they are ready to meet middle school teacher demands. High School students who have somehow fallen through the cracks over the years are delighted to learn how to study smarter–not harder–too.

Elementary students generally do the best studying on weekend mornings or after a healthy snack when they retrun home from school. We work with your child’s availability and schedule to find a time and location that is convenient for you. Our tutors can meet in your home, at local libraries, or other public locations (such as a quiet restaurant near you). Middle school kids work well in mid-day hours. High school students tend to favor the later day or early evening hours when they are typically accustomed to completing their homework projects, leaving days open for their own personal activities and recreation.

Sessions for elementary students last between 1 and 2 hours, but our tutors rotate through a variety of subjects and different study techniques during that time frame so kids can enjoy their studies and exercise their creativity, too. We follow the same model for middle school, only we can increase the time based upon the students interests and projects. High school students typically benefit from longer classes in English (which give them the opportunity to write) or 2 hour bi-weekly math sessions.

Find out more about “One-on-One Private Tutoring Services” or summer tutoring options by visiting http://www.tri-edtutoring.com or email a request for information that includes your student’s age, grade, and special needs.

We’ll look forward to meeting you soon.


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