HERE IS HOW Brambleton Residents Cut Down on Junk Mail to be More ECO-FRIENDLY

Friday, April 18, 2008

Excerpt from the Brambleton “FRIDAY FLASH” on 04/18/2008

Junk Mail

Now is the perfect time to cut down on junk mail. Did you know that each year millions of trees and billions of gallons of water are used to create junk mail, most of which never gets recycled? There are several things you can do to reduce how much junk mail you receive.

  • Get off of national mailing lists by sending your name, address, and signature to: Mail Preference Service, c/o Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512.
  • Every time you subscribe to a magazine, buy something from a catalog or online store, or donate money, be sure to say (by phone or email): “Please do not rent or sell my name or address.” If you don’t want to receive catalogs or solicitations from charitable organizations, ask that your address not be added to any mailing lists.
  • Sign up for the free service Catalog Choice  to opt out of catalogs.
  • Call your credit card companies and banks to make sure your address isn’t sold. Say no to credit card offers by calling the credit reporting industry’s opt-out number: 888.567.8688.
  • Have your address removed from the Valpak  and Advo  mailing lists.
  • When you receive unwanted mail, take a minute to call the company (usually toll-free) to remove your address from its list.
  • Some companies will remove you from mailing lists for a fee. You can find them by doing an Internet search for “reduce junk mail.”
  • RECYCLE IT!  Brambleton’s trash disposal and recycling contractor accepts junk mail as recyclable material.
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