Brambleton “Grass Police” are out enforcing Brambletonian Covenants again!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Brambleton HOA says… (quote)

“Some weather forecasters are calling for rain again this weekend.  If your grass is 4-6 inches high or more, please try to mow your yard before the next rain storm rolls in.  Your grass and your neighbors will appreciate it!

Brambleton has recorded covenants that govern the manner in which an owner maintains their lot.  The full version Property Maintenance Standards can be found in the Brambleton Design Guidelines on page 10.

Property Standards & Suggested Guidelines Related to Turf and Landscaping Upkeep

  1. All portions of a lot which are not improved by an impervious surface or a structure must be maintained with grass; or other vegetation installed by a builder or approved by the Covenants Committee.
  2. No bare earth may be exposed on a lot (except for flower beds with appropriate approvals, as required).  Landscape beds should be neatly edged and mulched. 
  3. All turf areas on a lot must be kept neatly mowed during the growing season. Grass should not be permitted to exceed six (6) inches in height.  Cool-season grasses should be cut at 3 – 3 1/2 inches.  Sidewalks adjacent to turf should be neatly edged.  Large amounts of clippings should not be allowed to accumulate on lawn, sidewalk, driveway or street.
  4. Turf areas and other vegetation should be watered during dry periods. Any dead plants, shrubs or trees should be immediately removed and should be replaced with an identical species.
  5. Turf areas should be kept as weed free as possible. At no time should weed cover exceed more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the total turfed area.  Fertilizer, pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control should be applied in accordance to the manufacturers label and your lawns needs.
  6. No trash or debris may accumulate or be stored in a visible location on a lot.  Construction materials required for the improvement of a home or lot should be neatly stored in as unobtrusive a location on the lot as possible when not in use.
  7. All hedges, trees and shrubs must be neatly trimmed and maintained and their size maintained in proportion to the lot and home through pruning.  All tree stakes and wires should be removed after one full growing season from the initial planting.  Landscaping should not obstruct sidewalks, trails, driveways or sight distance at an intersection.

The “Grass Police” will be out next week and every week going forward.  All residents are reminded that the association can self-correct violations on an owner’s lot if due process is followed.  The Association’s Due Process Resolution requires a 10-day corrective period to be given once the notice of a violation is given.  If the violation is not corrected within 10 days, the Association can self-correct the violation at the owner’s expense.  The cost for the Association to mow a single-family attached home with a yard that is in violation is $100; and a single-family detached yard is $150.  I am sure everyone can find a better way to spend that money. 

Brambleton Community Association and your neighbors thank you for your compliance with Brambleton’s covenants, rules and regulations.”

Post reprinted from Brambleton public services reminder email dated 4/29/2008 from brambleton@residentinteractive.com

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