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Telecommute Work Schedule Keeps Families, Companies, and the Environment in the GREEN

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
excerpt from ExecuNet
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June 02, 2008

Dear Residents of the Dulles Technology Corridor:

If you’re already checking email from a mobile device, developing presentations on the weekends, and taking international calls during the night, why not take your remote accessibility one step further and regularly work from home? With technology advancing at the same pace that gas prices are increasing and environmental concerns are mounting, a couple of days per week at the home office can save time, money and the planet.

Back in 2006, when $10 bought roughly four gallons of regular gasoline, companies were already adjusting their benefits to accommodate for rising fuel prices. According to research conducted by WorldatWork through The Dieringer Research Group, 12.4 million Americans were allowed by employers to work from home at least one day per month — up from 9.9 million in 2005 — and a 2007 study from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) revealed that more than half of surveyed employers offered some form of telecommuting option. If employees worked from home just one-and-a half days per week, research from the University of Maryland found a cost savings of $4.5 billion annually (based on gas at $3.33 per gallon).

Coupled with the cost and environmental savings, companies are finding telecommuting strengthens employee recruitment and retention strategies. Organizations that build telecommuting into their recruitment programs are likely to competitively fare better when they can attract workers with critical skill sets from beyond their zip codes and eliminate relocation expenses.

On an emotional level, there’s no doubt that transportation is causing stress. “Length of commute” was among the top 10 reasons senior-level executives recently told ExecuNet they were dissatisfied in their jobs, and “flexible work options” ranked 5th on the list of reasons for satisfaction.

Robyn Greenspan
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