Is Northern Virginia is Becoming More Green Friendly By Solving Gas Crunch Issues and Gridlock By Telecomuting?

Monday, August 4, 2008

We think YES! WTOP reports VA State Workers are being encouraged to Telework–which makes everybody in the Dulles Technology Corridor happy. Read on…

Va. state workers encouraged to telework

July 17, 2008 – 7:14am from http://www.wtop.com/?nid=25&sid=1441782

Hank Silverberg, WTOP Radio
RICHMOND, Va. — Some Virginia state workers may give up their commutes and telework.

“The more people we can get to do this, the better it is for all of us. It also solves the transportation problem,” says Gordon Hickey, a spokesman for Gov. Tim Kaine.

About 25,000 state workers are being encouraged to telework. The policy includes about 120 employees who work in the governor’s office or in his cabinet.

Kaine directed all state agencies to consider ways to expand alternate work schedules. The changes may include 10-hour days and four-day work weeks.

Roughly 14,000 of the state’s 95,000 workers are on some form of alternate schedule.

At the Department of Taxation, Hickey says 591 people saved 45,000 gallons of fuel in the last year by not commuting.

The move is similar to what private companies have done. AT&T and Cisco systems report about 10 percent to 20 percent of their employees telework.

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