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Loudoun County Dulles technology Corridor Kids EXCEL with Private Residential Tutoring

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tri-Ed Tutoring offers Virginia and DC Metro Area Students Private Tutoring Services One-on-One

In a class of 25 students, it can be easy to get lost. One-to-one tutoring gives your student the individualized instruction he or she needs to succeed.

Tri-Ed Tutoring, LLC offers one-to-one tutoring services for grades K-12 in a variety of subjects including math, science, language arts, social sciences, and foreign languages. Our tutoring services generally help students with their current classroom curriculum by helping them understand the lessons and prepare for tests and quizzes. We can also work with a student to improve his or her study skills, organizational skills, and test taking. We work with your schedule to find a time and location that is convenient for you. Our tutors can meet in your home, at local libraries, or other public locations. Take a look at the subjects below to see what we offer.


Languages (ESL, ESOL, Foreign Language Studies):

Many of our language tutors are either native speakers or have had study abroad experiences in order to fully immerse themselves in their secondary or tertiary foreign language. They can help a student become more conversational and better understand the grammar involved with learning a foreign language. Languages include:

* Spanish * French * German * Latin * ESL

Language Arts:

Reading is one of the most important areas in education. If a strong foundation in reading is not achieved in the early elementary grades, it can often affect other content areas, such as science and social studies, as well as a student’s self confidence. As students continue in school, the ability to convey one’s message through writing becomes a critical part of the curriculum. Our language arts tutors are aware of the key components of literacy necessary to help students at any level. A tutor can help a beginning reader sound out words or assist a high school senior with his or her college application essays.

Services include:

* Reading Assessment * Phonological Awareness (Such as rhyming) * Phonics * Vocabulary * Comprehension * Fluency * Literature * Grammar * Creative Writing * Technical Writing * College Essay Prep


At 9:37am, two trains start traveling in opposite directions. If Train A is traveling at a rate of 46km/hr and Train B is traveling at a rate of 29km/hr, at what time will they be exactly 32km apart? Does this problem still make you shudder with fear? Do you get a migraine from just the sound of those two dreadful words…geometric proof? If so, you understand your student’s frustration with math. Math is the type of subject where having a gap in knowledge greatly affects all subsequent math and many science courses. A weak foundation in basic arithmetic leads to difficulty in basic algebra. In turn, this leads to difficulty in higher levels of math, as well as chemistry and physics classes. From learning basic math facts to finding derivatives, a tutor can help a student see that math can and does make sense.

Mathematics Services include:

* Basic Math * Pre-Algebra * Algebra I and II * Geometry * Trigonometry * Pre-Calculus/Math Analysis * Calculus * Statistics

Other Services:

Our tutors can help your student in a variety of other areas related to Special Education, including teaching the practical behavioral steps necessary to improve academic performance, to help overcome mild to moderate learning disability challenges, and to give all students (from special needs to Gifted and Talented students) hands on time practicing the basic study skills we help to teach.

Our private tutors are trained and available to assist with the following:

* Organizational skills * Study/Note taking skills * General homework help


The love of science is a lifetime learning journey. In general, students truly enjoy science at the elementary age. It is a source of fascination as young students begin to make sense of the world around them. As students continue in science, it becomes more technical, abstract, and math-based. This can make the subject matter difficult for students. Our tutors are available to cover a wide range of subjects.

Scientific Discovery Tutoring and Enrichment Services include:

* Life Science * Earth Science * Environmental Science * Biology * Chemistry * Physics * Anatomy

Social Sciences:

Human culture is based on the art of exchanging thoughts from person to person, year to year, throughout eras, and being able to reflect and look back as people in such a way that our respective cultures are able to improve. Social sciences generally demand a combination of reading comprehension, memorization, and writing skills. A tutor can help students pick out the main ideas from the material and synthesize the amount of information given.

Social Science Comprehension and Mastery Services include: * History * Government * Psychology * Sociology * Civics * Humanities [college level, enrichment] * Philosophy [college level, enrichment]

For information about signing up this year for private tutoring services, please visit or email contactus@tri-edtutoring. Our tutors are ready and waiting to help your child’s academic experience and performance improve.