KUDOS to Companies Offering Telecommute Options to their Employees

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dulles Technology residents in the DC Metro area: if you are tech friendly and eco-minded, show your personal and professional support for the following corporations and professional business associations. All the companies listed below offer some level of telecommuting option to portions of their employee base, helping reduce pollution and traffic congestion by hiring responsible telecommuters who are ready, willing, and able to work happily and efficiently from home. Go Green by supporting virtual offices and forward thinking corporate models that embrace the use of technology and understand the benefits of workers allowed to set their own pace and work while continuing to remain close with their families.

Excerpted from http://www.2work-at-home.com/telecommute.shtml

1-800 Contacts – https://jobs.1800contacts.com

1800Flowers.com – http://ww22.1800flowers.com

2 Places At 1 Time – http://www.2places.com/employment/

AAA Renewals – http://www.aaarenewals.com

Aetna Life Insurancehttp://www.aetna.com

AG Communication – http://www.agcs.com – This company offers flexible scheduling, onsite childcare and telecommuting.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. – http://www.airproducts.com

American Airlines – http://www.aa.com

American Express – http://www.americanexpress.com

Ameritech – http://www.ameritech.com

Allergan – http://www.allergan.com

Allstate Insurancehttp://www.allstate.com

Apple Computer – http://www.apple.com

Art & Logic – http://www.artlogic.com

Arthur Andersen Consulting – http://www.arthuranderson.com

AT&T – http://www.att.com/hr/

Bank of America – http://www.bofa.com/batoday/batoday.html

Banker’s Trust – http://www.bankerstrust.com

Baxter Healthcare – http://www.baxter.com

Bell Atlantic – http://www.bellatlantic.com

Beneficial Corporation – http://www.beneficial.com

Berlitz Translation Services – http://www.berlitz.com

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Maryland – http://www.bluecross.com

CFW Communications – http://www.cfw.com

Chevron – http://www.chevron.com

Cigna – http://www.cigna.com

Cincinnati Bell – http://www.cinbelltel.com

CISCO Systems, Inc. – http://www.cisco.com

Citibank – http://www.citibank.com

Compaq – http://www.compaq.com

Computer Curriculum Corp. – http://www.cccnet.com

The Connection® – http://www.the-connection.com

Connext Inc. – http://www.connext.com

Creative Freelance – http://www.freelancers.com

Creative Labs – http://www.soundblaster.com

Dell Computer – http://www.dell.com

Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc. – http://www.diamondmm.com

Digital Equipment Corporation – http://www.digital.com

Digital News – http://www.digitalnews.com

DSP TEchnology, Inc. – http://www.dspt.com

DuPont – http://www.dupont.com

Ernest & Young, L.L.P. – http://www.ey.com

Eastman Kodak Companyhttp://www.kodak.com

Edify Corp. – http://www.edify.com

En Pointe Technologies – http://www.enpointe.com

Equitable Life Assurancehttp://www.equitable.com

Fannie Mae – http://www.fanniemae.com

Gannett – http://www.gannett.com


General Electic Nuclear Energy – http://www.ge.com

Government Jobs – http://www.careersingovernment.com

GTE – http://www.gte.com

Hewlett-Packard – http://www.hp.com

Honeywell – http://www.honeywell.com

Hughes Aircraft – http://www.hughes.com

Hypermedia Group, Inc. – http://www.hmg.com

IBM – http://www.ibm.com

Implicit Inc. – http://www.implicitweb.com

Initial Call – http://www.initialcall.com

Inktomi Corp. – http://www.inktomi.com

Insignia Solutions, Inc. – http://www.insignia.com

Intel – http://www.intel.com

Intracorp – http://www.intracorp.com

JCPenney – http://www.jcpenney.com

John Hancock Insurancehttp://www.johnhancock.com

Knight-Ridder Information, Inc. – http://www.krinfo.com

LAM Research Corp. – http://www.lamrc.com

Lanier Business Products – http://www.lanier.com

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – http://www.llnl.gov

LINK Resources Corporation – http://www.linkresources.com

Lumisys, Inc. – http://www.lumisys.com

Macromedia Inc. – http://www.macromedia.com

MacWEEK – http://www.zdnet.com

Maxtor Corp. – http://www.maxtor.com


McGraw Hill – http://www.mcgraw-hill.com

Meridian Data, Inc. – http://www.meridian-data.com

Microsoft – http://www.microsoft.com

Molecular Devices Corp. – http://www.moldev.com

National Association of Insurance Commissioners – http://www.naic.com

NEC Electronics, Inc. – http://www.nec.com

Netframe Systems, Inc. – http://www.netframe.com

Netscape Communications Corp. – http://www.netscape.com

NewsBank – http://www.newsbank.com/

Newsbytes News Service – http://www.newsbytes.com

Nike – http://www.nike.com

Nortel (Northern Telecom) – http://www.nortel.com

Oak Technology, Inc. – http://www.oaktech.com

Octel Communications Corp. – http://www.octel.com

Oracle Corp. – http://www.oracle.com

Pacific Bellhttp://www.sbc.com

PC Week – http://www.zdnet.com

Peoplesoft, Inc. – http://www.peoplesoft.com

Philips C&P Division – http://www.philips.com

Proxim – http://www.proxim.com/about/careers/index.html

Quantum Corp. – http://www.quantum.com

Quintus Corp. – http://www.quintus.com

Raytheon Systems – http://www.raytheon.com/rsc

Remedy Corp. – http://www.remedy.com

Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. – http://www.sco.com

Sears, Roebuck & Co. – http://www.sears.com

Share Data, Inc. – http://www.sharedata.com

Siemens Business Communication Systems, Inc. – http://www.siemens.com

Sprint – http://www.sprint.com

St. Paul Travelers – http://www.stpaultravelers.com

Sun Microsystems – http://www.sun.com

Symantec Corp. – http://www.symantec.com

Tab Products Co. – http://www.tabproducts.com

Tandem Computers, Inc. – http://www.tandem.com

Telcom Semiconductor, Inc. – http://www.telcom-semi.com

Texas Instruments – http://www.ti.com

UMI/Data Courier – http://www.umi.com/

Unigroup Inc. – http://www.unigroup.com

United Press International – http://www.upi.com

US West Communications – http://www.uswest.com

Verifone, Inc. – http://www.verifone.com

Xerox – http://www.xerox.com

Xyratex – http://www.xyratex.com

Zitel Corp. – http://www.zitel.com

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