Crime in Loudoun County: Brambleton Residents Notice to Stay Alert and Keep In Touch With Local HOA and Police Regarding Crime Reports in Ashburn Neighborhoods

Saturday, November 8, 2008
Excerpt from…

Brambleton’s FRIDAY FLASH

November 7, 2008 Issue 74.5

“FLASH Exclusive”


Recent Thefts from Vehicles in Brambleton and Surrounding Communities

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office made arrests pertaining to the recent thefts from vehicles in eastern Loudoun [County].

The Sheriff’s Office has returned some recovered property to its owners but has additional property whose owners can not be determined.  If you recently loss property as a result of these thefts, please contact Investigator Mark McCaffrey to claim your property.

As a reminder, Brambleton residents need to continue to fight crime proactively by keeping exterior lights on, park vehicles in your garage, remove all valuables from your vehicle and lock the doors to your vehicle.  These minimal crime prevention steps will greatly deter the criminal by removing the temptation.

Don’t let your guard down!!!


Please forward any comments or suggestions pertaining to the FLASH or HOA. For all the latest information, on happenings in Brambleton, the premier community of the Dulles Technology Corridor, please check the Brambleton community intranet.

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