Open letter to Barak Obama may not strike all the chords everyone agrees with but the Appeal is Strong

Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama, now that you work for me …

Chuck Norris. Not a name you would equate with American Political thinking and powers, is it? Think again.

Writing an open letter of consideration appeal from the conservative post positions, Norris asks president elect Barak Obama to adhere faithfully to his presidential oath and represent all the people–those who elected him to office and those who did not–by keeping his promise to serve American constituents.

Worth a read and definitely with some solid conversation starters for the evening dinner table discussions around the country and here in the Dulles Technology Corridor of Loudoun County, the article letter is concise, well written, and gives food for thought about the responsibilities of American presidents as their job relates to both foreign and domestic politics.

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