Twitter Profit House and Club Cash Secret scam: Fleecing telecommuters for profit seems to be the work from home secret of the profit earning companies — but money is at expense of workers not Twitter click target clients

Friday, July 3, 2009

Rip-off Reports recently posted an article about a work at home idea that is advertising heavily on line right now.¬† Here’s their story:

AOL News recently had an article on an easy way to make money from home using the internet. They interviewed a woman who used the (1) Cash Secret Club (cashsecret.com) and (2) Twitter Profit House (twitterprofithouse.com), and also insisted that profits would only be made using both of these websites.

Neither one of these programs is honest. Both say they will charge you less than $2 and (1) send you a kit or (2) give you access to a website that will assist you in your profiting endeavors.

What neither of them say [in large print] is that they are both only 7 day trials and will begin to charge you (1) $81.32 or (2) $99.99 PER MOTH after that time. In addition, they share your contact information with other companies and automatically sign you up for other scam programs.

Hurray for the report calling it like they see it and declaring the sites *Bullshi*, and shame on AOL News for putting such a deceptive article into media circulation to tout the con.If you are looking for ways to make money at home, paying for booklet information that will then begin to repeat bill you nearly $100 per month is NOT bright.

In a difficult economy with high unemployment rates, it’s sad to see companies like these working so aggressively to rip people off. They are using deceptive advertising practices to hire workers — making people think TWITTER is hiring. Then, after submitting personal information, they bill your credit cars ad infinitum and sell your private information out.

How unethical… and more so, how unfortunate for folks hoping to make telecommute jobs legitimately possible for the masses.

Read the complete article from Rip-Off Report HERE

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