ODD NEWS: Michael Jackson wanted to play a transformer car in his own feature film

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In a 2004 interview with Playboy Magazine, filmmaker/actor Kevin Smith revealed the weirdest script he’s ever been asked to direct was to star Michael Jackson, honest to gosh, as a man who morphs into a car that drives around with a young boy at the wheel inside.

michael jackson in the car cars not driving passenger 2009It’s not an urban legend and the car business is not making this up. MJ apparently had a thing for cars, with his own car collection numbering more than 75. The desire Jackson expressed to play a car character where he was the driver and car of his own vehicle but relinquishes control to a young boy is riddled with symbolism.

Read on to learn more about the Michael Jackson Car Movie project and why the idea never made it to film. The proposed movie title? “Hot Rod”… seriously (and not meant disrespectfully).

FAN CLUB NOTE: New photos of Michael Jackson with Cars can be seen here through the slideshow located at the bottom of the article….

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