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Day Driving Trip from Loudoun County: An Pointin Still

Monday, March 31, 2008


Not too tired from your daily commute? Check out the following destinations to visit while on a driving tour around the Virginia, District of Columbia , West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania Areas!

Day Trip: Favorite Baltimore Maserati Fan Restaurant (rock star parking may be available in limited quantity).

An Pointin Still: authentic Irish Pub in the heart of Timonium–just down the road from Maserati of Baltimore’s Shop and Showroom and M.O.B. Exotic Car Gallery and Boutique.

Try the traditional Fish and Chips, enjoy Shepards Pie, or go for our personal family favortie–the Venison in a Cherry and Apricot sauce. Be sure to try the Colcannon as well… you don’t want to miss it and it is worth the cost and calories of an extra side.

With incredible cozy theme room ambiance, live music in the evenings, and favorite irish comfort foods made with pizazz available all day long, “An Pointin Still” makes an ideal day drive destination or local hang out for Baltimore area Maserati, Lamborghini, and Ferrari fans.

For reservations or information 410.560.7900

2323 York Road
Timonium, Maryland

Full Menu Sunday-Thursday 11am-Midnight
Friday and Saturday 11am-1am
Open Daily 11am-2am

Special Thanks to Maserati of Baltimore Salesman ALFRED RAMOS for our introduction to this place. Alfred has the best taste, and as we get to know the Baltimore Washington area and Chesapeake Bay Regions, we fully expect he’ll lead us to more local gems like this one. Cheers, Alfred–with a pint of Guinness!

Jack and Kae Davis for MaseratiFans.ORG


Online Dictionary Links from the Loudoun County Public Library

Monday, March 31, 2008
List of Dictionary Links excerpted from the
Loudoun County Public Library Dictionaries

Cambridge Dictionaries Online
This site includes online versions of the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary, the Cambridge Dictionary of American English, the Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms, and more.

Merriam-Webster OnLine
This online dictionary provides the student not only with the definitions of English words, but also contains sound files of their actual pronunciation. In addition, the site offers an online thesaurus, Word of the Day, word games, and other language-learning resources. Now includes a Spanish/English dictionary.

One Look Dictionary Search
Search over 900 online dictionaries for words and phrases in various languages.
Free online translation dictionaries in Spanish, French, and Italian. Language discussion forums are also included, as well as a Word Reference Toolbar for easy access from your desktop.
This is a comprehensive language portal with more than 2500 dictionaries, grammars in over 300 languages, games that build language skills, and a discussion forum.

Slang and Idioms

ESL Slang Page
An alphabetical listing of English slang words and phrases, along with their definitions. Clearly indicates expressions which may be considered rude or offensive.

The Idiom Connection
Indexes English idioms both alphabetically and by subject.

Post courtesy of Tri-Ed Tutoring, a private tutoring company serving the DC Metro, Baltimore Washington Region, and Northern Virginia. For more information, please visit



Tri-Ed Tutoring offers Summer School Private Tutoring Programs in Loudoun County

Monday, March 31, 2008

Summer is coming–have you considered hiring a tutor as an alternative to summer camp options, daycare, or your student spending long hours parked in front of the television?

Monday, March 31, 2008


One-on-One Summer School Tutoring

In a class of 25 students, it can be easy to get lost. One-on-one tutoring gives your student the individualized instruction he or she needs to succeed. Tri-Ed Tutoring, LLC offers one-on-one tutoring services for grades K-12 in a variety of subjects including basic study skills, homework help, math, science, english, and social studies.

Our tutoring services help young students with their current classroom curriculum by helping them understand the lessons and prepare for tests and quizzes, including helping kids understand the goals and contents of the SOL Grade 3 and SOL Grade 5 exams. By decoding the test questions, even the youngest of children can learn effective test taking strategies to help them through middle school, high school, and college!

Middle School students get the benefit of having additional help with their research and writing skills, extra math practice that will help them prepare for Pre-Algebra and Geometry, and practice with science concepts, too. Reading skills are stressed, and the SOL Grade 8 exams question structure is examined, too.

High School students love to work with Tri-Ed tutors over the summer because it gives them time to review basic skills in reading, writing, and math without the deadline of homework and projects due. They can participate in enrichment studies with our tutors, such as by delving into a history or literature project, or can focus all their study time working diligently and uninteruppted on the concepts so vital to improving scores on the S.A.T. Many of our students choose to use summer tutoring time to write reflective journals that will help them prepare their college application essays.

Bottom line, summer tutoring can be as fun, productive, or time consuming as parents and students would like it to be.

Learning how to “STUDY SMART” never comes too late or too early.

We also work to improve students’ overall study skills, so that “ideally” by the time they have completed elementary school, they are ready to meet middle school teacher demands. High School students who have somehow fallen through the cracks over the years are delighted to learn how to study smarter–not harder–too.

Elementary students generally do the best studying on weekend mornings or after a healthy snack when they retrun home from school. We work with your child’s availability and schedule to find a time and location that is convenient for you. Our tutors can meet in your home, at local libraries, or other public locations (such as a quiet restaurant near you). Middle school kids work well in mid-day hours. High school students tend to favor the later day or early evening hours when they are typically accustomed to completing their homework projects, leaving days open for their own personal activities and recreation.

Sessions for elementary students last between 1 and 2 hours, but our tutors rotate through a variety of subjects and different study techniques during that time frame so kids can enjoy their studies and exercise their creativity, too. We follow the same model for middle school, only we can increase the time based upon the students interests and projects. High school students typically benefit from longer classes in English (which give them the opportunity to write) or 2 hour bi-weekly math sessions.

Find out more about “One-on-One Private Tutoring Services” or summer tutoring options by visiting or email a request for information that includes your student’s age, grade, and special needs.

We’ll look forward to meeting you soon.


A quick excerpt from the Friday Flash in Brambleton… EGG HUNT March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Community news excerpt from…

Brambleton’s FRIDAY FLASH       

March 14, 2008   Issue 40



A Hoppin’ Good Time– Hop on over to the Visitor Center tomorrow for some egg hunting fun.  Say hello to the Brambleton Bunny, enjoy Easter cookies and grab a cup of fresh coffee.  Kiddie play areas will be up and running at 9:30am.  Please click here for information.  Ages 7 & up, arrive no later than 9:55am; ages 4-6 arrive no later than 10:15am; ages 0-3, arrive no later than 10:35am.  Don’t forget your Easter baskets!  Volunteers: Please meet at the Visitor Center at 7:15am.  We could still use a few more hands.  Please contact Christine Elansary if you are able to help.  Thank you to Harris Teeter and Caribou for the yummy treats!    


Finding the right FINANCIAL AID for College

Friday, March 14, 2008

Financial Aid for College

Family budgets are often tight, and when children mature to the age where they are selecting colleges, costs play a big factor in determining the best way to go at this stage of life. If you have already been actively planning and saving, keeping your student’s GPA High, and have spent loads of additional time working with our Tri-Ed Tutors preparing for the SAT, your child should already be well on their way to obtaining a scholarship at the university of their choice. However, with competition to get into college and scholarship funds not always stretching to cover quite enough of the financial crunch, it is important to consider public grants and student loan funds.

For more information about getting financial aide to help pay for college, whether it be for a community college AA or AS degree, to a four year state or private Ivy League university for a BA or BS, or to take the next step towards that Masters or PHD program for yourself or your mature student, visit We recommend applying for your PIN number early, as it takes quite a lengthy time for the government ot generate it and to have it mailed, and to submit your information and school choices early. Once you select a school, they are notified about your student’s potential interest in their program, and it makes any early application interview visits with the Financial Aid office that much more productive.

Be sure to ask all the colleges about special student enrollment assistance options to defer the costs of college tuition. Key questions you will want to discuss if money is a concern for you are the following:

  • Does the college offer scholarships, grants, or other enrollment incentives of it’s own, separate from Pell Grants or Stafford Loans?
  • What tuition payment options do they offer? Can payments be deferred and set to a budget allowance?
  • Are students able to buy books by special order from sources other than the campus library–and does the college have a book list ready for incoming freshman students or required courses? [Are used books available?]
  • Does the school offer assistance finding rental houses or apartments for students who are interested in off-campus housing (as a possible cost effective alternative to campus dorm housing)?
  • What meal plans are available to students, and do they have reduced rates available for financial hardship situations?
  • Will students be provided with a laptop or will they have to bring their own computer? What computer facilities are available on campus for student use–and what are the charges for time online, copy machines, printing, email, Internet packages?
  • How many credit hours are required courses and how many more will be needed for each major declared? Is it a good option to extend schooling from four to six years and declare a dual major (such as to achieve a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Business or Marketing).

To find out more about the Federal Student Loan application process, we recommend visiting Peterson’s article, "An Overview: The FASFA". Offering good advice and an accurate assessment of the process they say, "The fastest way to apply for federal student aid is over the Internet using the interactive FAFSA on the Web at This site hosts the online application, as well as an abundance of information about filling it out. You can look up the codes of the schools you’re interested in, find out what information you need to gather, and sign up for a pin number which serves as your electronic signature on the application. (If you’re not applying as an independent student, you and one of your parents must apply for the pin.)" We second the motion.

Feel free to contact Tri-Ed Tutoring at any time with questions about the college application process. We have qualified consultants and Education Specialists who can help coach you and your student through every step of the way. Visit and complete our contact form. Someone will be back with you in a matter of just a few business days, if not hours, to help you. For urgent assistance, email to reach one of our faculty directly.


New Second Community Pool for Brambleton

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

According to Stephanie Lee, the marketing coordinator of Brambleton’s Visitor Center, “Construction has begun on the second community pool in Brambleton which will be located in the Uptown Living area by the Beazer & Centex community at the corner of Belmont Ridge & Ryan Road.  The first community pool is located at Regal Wood & Legacy Park Drive.” Brambletonians will undoubtedly be pleased to have this new feature, making more room for swimmers and sunbathers to enjoy the summer sun.

New Pool (3).JPG

For more information about dates the pool will open, please contact Stephanie (or any one of the Visitor Center representatives) at the following location:

Brambleton Visitor Center

42645 Regal Wood Drive

Brambleton, VA 20148


HOURS: open daily from 11am-6pm


Coldwell Banker Ashburn to Merge with LEESBURG Office

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yep… that’s right. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Ashburn Dulles office will be merged this week and moved to their new location, combined with currently existing Coldwell Banker office in Leesburg. I don’t suspect Ashburn or Loudoun County members will mind much, however–especially when they find out they will only need to drive out Route 7 past 15 and head to the shopping plaza located right behind a Dulles technology corridor favorite restaurant chain RED, HOT, and BLUE. Personally, I am thinking this might be a great excuse to discuss real estate in our area over a long business lunch with some really great Northern Virgnia BBQ.

More information will be released shortly, and you all will know just as soon as I do.

Kae Davis, Realtor