Maryland Land Developer wins Lifetime Achievement Award for thinking Green

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Resident Recognized as Outstanding Land Developer from the Home Builders Association of Maryland for Eco-Friendly Land Development Projects in Tri-State Region

[Press Release Statement Issued Oct. 25, 2009 – Baltimore, MD]

Award Summary

Dennis Gilligan honored with Lifetime Achievement Award as Green Land Developer in Maryland

Dennis Gilligan honored with Lifetime Achievement Award as Green Land Developer in Maryland

W. Dennis Gilligan, owner of Craftsmen Developers, LLC was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his excellence in community development by the Home Builder Association of Maryland at the 2009 HBAM Land Development Council Awards.

Gilligan, a Maryland resident, has worked tirelessly to produce economically and environmentally viable communities throughout the tri-state area of Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania throughout the course of his lifetime.

Greatly honored by winning the award, Gilligan says he hopes this distinguished mark of achievement is, “only for the first half of his life”; Gilligan says he is honored and hopes yet another lifetime achievement award will be won by both he and his consulting based support team for the second half of his life (before the middle of the 21st century comes).

History of HBAM Land Development Council

The Home Builders Association of Maryland, HBAM, is a membership organization comprised of home builders, residential and commercial land developers, and private real estate consultants. Each year, the organization gives outstanding community members Land Development Council Awards based on excellence in community service. There are five different types of awards given in the Award of Excellence program:

Project Awards of Excellence

Developer of the Year

Consultant of the Year

Contractor of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Maryland professionals in the Land Development industry who receive awards are those whose companies offer the highest level of service both to clients and community. Any category of award is a great honor for each individual or corporation recipient.

Goals of the Land Development Council Awards

The Land Development Council Award of Excellence program offers recognition to development professionals who provide superior and creative development projects that are sensitive to the community and make appropriate use of the existing natural elements.

The LDC awards program serves three purposes: (1) To promote positive public interest in (perception of) the land development industry, (2) To recognize excellence in land development for design and quality; and, (3) To recognize outstanding contributions by companies and individuals to the land development industry.

Projects are available to all HBAM member firms in the State of Maryland, and Adams and York Counties, Pennsylvania.

W. Dennis Gilligan: Biography of Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

After graduating from the University of Maryland with a dual major in economics and urban studies, W. Dennis Gilligan worked in a management capacity for Washington Homes and Pulte Homes.

In 1983, he founded Gilligan Development Incorporated, then simply a local developer and home builder. Over a period of twenty years his company grew to a regional developer and home builder with communities throughout the Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

In late 2004, the business was purchased by Technical Olympic USA, a publicly traded home building company based in Hollywood, Florida. Gilligan assumed a role acting as Technical Olympic’s Executive Vice President of Land Development Projects from 2004 to early 2007.

In May of 2007, Gilligan founded Craftsmen Developers, LLC with son Conor Gilligan and new partner Bob Schulz.

At the 2009 HBAM Land Development Council Awards, W. Dennis Gilligan was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his excellence in community development.

Gilligan of Craftsmen Developers Community Service

Gilligan, as a member of the Greater Maryland community devoted to public service, is the MC and sponsor host of an annual summer kick-off fundraiser known to local residents as the “Gilligan’s Island Exotic Car Show”. Sanctioned by the Ferrari Club of the Mid-Atlantic Region (www.fca-mar.com) and held to raise money for Hospice of the Chesapeake (www.hospicechesapeake.org), the special event draws hundreds of local residents to Gilligan’s private four acre waterfront estate and luxury property in Pasadena, MD.

There, guests are able to see Italian exotic cars like Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ferrari on display along with art, vintage Jaguars, new Lotus, Ducati and Moto Guzzi motorcycles, and other rare collectible automobiles and vehicles.

About Craftsmen Developers

Craftsmen Developers believes strongly that it can and will improve the environment by creating “Green Neighborhoods”. Craftsmen Developers, LLC missions in land development are fundamentally to acquire, develop and sell residential and commercial real estate properties with the benefit of the overall community in mind.

In addition to working on their own projects, the Craftsmen Developers team also provides independent consulting services to third party clients. Each day, the company focuses on keeping a commitment to adhere to the following principles and ethics:

• Green Development – creating eco-friendly land development

• Experience and maturity – offering sage wisdom to clients and acting responsibly on behalf of the entire community (neighborhood and professional)

• Maintaining existing and building new partnering relationships with like-mined clientele

• Insuring the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism with integrity

Craftsmen Developers is a green land development firm that believes “Going Green” begins with a green attitude…. simple things, like recycling paper or more complex matters like reshaping communities to minimize runoff and maximize green space.

Craftsmen Developers fosters a “Going Green” culture throughout the company in such a way that management teams help to elevate employee and contractor sensitivity towards the environment. The effects of training builders and contractors to routinely utilize new green technology whenever and wherever has a profound effect, both on workers and for the overall health of the community in which they work.

With the ultimate design goal of creating “Sustainable Communities” in mind, the company’s land development projects attempt to maximize the use of porous surfaces and limit disturbed areas. As such, their unique professional team works for the betterment of the overall atmosphere, a lifestyle plus for modern humans that keeps local wildlife protected and plant species flourishing.

Contact Information

For more information about Craftsmen Developers, LLC projects or other Lifetime Achievement Awards winners, contact the following organizations directly:

Craftsmen Developers, LLC 7524 WB&A Road, Suite 101 Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061 phone (410) 766-6565 http://www.craftsmendevelopers.com

Home Builders Association of Maryland 7127 Ambassador Road, Suite 150, Baltimore, MD 21244 phone (410) 265-7400 or (410) 265-6529 http://www.homebuilders.org


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