Life in Brambleton leaves you feeling very well connected. Check out the links below to check out each of the different lifestyle amenities Brambleton offers to it’s “Brambletonian” residents.

Being BRAMBLETON: It’s about lifestyle.

Living BRAMBLETON: It’s about community.

Knowing BRAMBLETON: It’s about loving.

Speaking BRAMBLETON: It’s about living.

Representing BRAMBLETON: It’s about

recognizing Everything GREAT about Ashburn

and promoting the positive Lifestyle of Loudoun County…

Brambletonian Links Courtesy of EverythingAshburn.COM

Kae Davis is a Licensed VA Real Estate Agent

Serving the Residents of Northern Virginia

General Mid-Atlantic Area Development Links

LUXURY Real Estate Property

with available “2+ Car Garage Virtues”

and easy access to Route 50, Route 7,

and the Dulles Greenway Toll Road:



South Riding

Loudon Valley Estates

Belmont Country Club

Lansdowne Resort Properties

One Loudoun (COMING SOON to Loudoun County Parkway)



Property Maintenance Standards

All owners must maintain their lots in accordance with the general maintenance standards detailed above. In the event of non-compliance with maintenance standards, the Board of Directors or the Covenants Committee, as appropriate, may, after thirty (30) days written notice to the owner (or such shorter notice period as determined by the Board or Committee), authorize the Association to enter upon the owner’s lot and to perform any required maintenance at the expense of the owner. In the case of persons who fail to mow their lawn or have trash or debris visibly stored on their lot, (other than neatly stored construction materials for an approved improvement of the lot or home) the notice period shall be ten (10) days.

A. All portions of a lot which are not improved by an impervious surface or a structure must be maintained with grass (or other vegetation installed by a builder or approved by the Covenants Committee). No bare earth may be exposed on a lot (except for flower beds with appropriate approvals, as required).

B. All turf areas on a lot must be kept neatly mowed during the growing season. Grass should not be permitted to exceed six (6) inches in height.

C. Turf areas and other vegetation should be watered during dry periods. Any dead plants, shrubs or trees should be immediately removed.

D. Turf areas should be kept as weed free as possible. At no time should weed cover exceed more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the total turf area.

E. No trash or debris may accumulate or be stored in a visible location on a lot. Construction materials required for the improvement of a home or lot should be neatly stored in as unobtrusive a location on the lot as possible when not in use.

F. All hedges, trees and shrubs must be neatly trimmed and maintained and their size maintained in proportion to the lot and home through pruning.

G. The exterior of a home must be maintained in an attractive manner. No significant blistering or peeling of exterior painted surfaces is permitted.

Any exterior building components (i.e., siding, gutters and downspouts, roof shingles, windows and doors) which are missing, broken or otherwise in a state of disrepair must be repaired as quickly as possible.

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